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Ludwik Jan Maciejewski was born to Jan and Weronika Lewandowska Maciejewski in Buffalo, Erie, New York, 26 August 1894, and was baptized at St. Stanislaus Church. The youngest child, he was only a year old when his father died on 30 April 1896.

1910 Maciejewski Jankowski census

In 1910, Veronica Maciejewski and her children lived at 127 Goodyear Avenue in Buffalo. In the 1910 census, their neighbors were Lucasz and Anastazya Jankowski and family.

Louis was especially close to two of the Jankowski children.

1911 Louis Maciejewski 9-23 Courier1911 Louis Maciejewski 10-21 Courier

In 1911, Louis Maciejewski and Bronisław (Bruno) Jankowski got into some trouble for fighting and were sent to the reformatory in Elmira, New York, according to accounts in the Buffalo Courier newspapers on October 21 and 23.

Louis Maciejewski and Martha Jankowska 1916 Maciejewski Jankowski marriage licensewere married on February 14, 1916 at St. John Kanty Church in Buffalo, Erie, New York.

1918 Louis Jan Maciejewski WWI draft registrationIn 1918, Louis registered for the WWI draft as L. Jan Maciejewski, signing his name Louis J. Maciejewski. He lived at 127 Goodyear with his wife and child.

1930 Louis Maciejewski censusLouis and Martha had three children: Henry, Genevieve, and Louis Maciejewski. In 1930, the family lived at 144 Brinkman Street in Buffalo. Louis was identified as a toolmaker.

Like his older brother Gust, Louis and his family used the name Warner. The Buffalo Courier Express on November 10, 1936, had a feature about “Attractive Autumn Brides”: “Mrs. William E. Pfister, Jr., was, before her marriage to Mr. Pfister, Miss Genevieve Warner, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Louis Warner of Detroit, Mich.”

1936 Genevieve Warner Pfister 11-10 Courier Express

Louis died 2 February 1938 at the age of 43. On February 7, 1938, the Buffalo Courier Express ran a short obituary for “MACIEJEWSKI—Louis J., husband of Martha. Interment, February 5th, in H1938 Louis Maciejewski 2-7 Courier Express obitoly Sepulchre Cemetery.” The brevity of the notice and that it was published after any wake or funeral services tend to indicate a death under unusual circumstances.

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  8. […] In the Maciejewski family, Konstantin (Constantine in English) was probably called by the diminutive Kóst, pronounced “Koost,” which became the nickname Gust, which became Gustav and August. Baptized Wiktoria, Victoria was called first Dorota and then Dorothy. Marya Magdalena was Maria, Mary, and Marie in the records. The Polish name Anna was recorded both as Ann, as it was in her Social Security record, and Anne, as it was on her tombstone. Ludwik was translated to the English Louis. […]


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