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Skrok Rzepka Family Link

When our grandfather Jan Skrok died in 1936, our mother Stanisława Skrok had just turned five. She said she lived with her father’s cousins out of the city for a time, and mentioned the Szczepański and Rzepka families.

1883 Rzepka Skrok marriageLooking for the connection between the Skrok and Rzepka families, I discovered that Ignacy Rzepka had married Małgorzata Skrok at Kościół św. Wojciecha Biskupa i Męczennika in Wojciechowice, Opatów, Świętokrzyskie, Poland, 9 October 1883. Małgorzata was the sister of Wincenty Skrok, so their children were cousins.

I did not find  in the Polish church records the births of the oldest girl Maryanna (1886?), who married Józef  Szczepański, and her brother Stanisław (1887), who married Maryanna Lisiecka, but five younger Rzepka children were listed:

  • 1889 Józefa Rzepka
  • 1890 Jan Rzepka, married Salomea Zieliński
  • 1893 Franciszek Rzepka
  • 1896 Władysław Rzepka
  • 1900 Julianna Rzepka, married Edward Niestatek

Here is the list of Rzepka births from the village of Wojciechowice compiled by Polskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne, the Polish Genealogy Society at Geneteka,

Rzepka births in Wojciechowice

If you look closely, there were two different men named Ignacy Rzepka! Here are the list of marriages from the same link:

Rzepka marriages in Wojciechowice

These records were indexed by Łukaszek_Tadeusz.

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