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Antoni Maciejewski

Born 17 Feb 1883, Antoni Maciejewski was only a baby when he arrived in Buffalo from Prussia in December 1883 with his parents, Jan and Weronika Lewandowski Maciejewski. Along with his mother, Antoni became an American citizen when his father Jan Maciejewski was naturalized in 1890. Antoni‘s brothers and sisters were born in Buffalo, and were therefore native born American citizens.

Antoni was the most prolific of the Maciejewski children. He married Marya Szczepańska at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Bennington, Wyoming, New York, on 5 Aug 1907. Although Marya had been born in Buffalo, her parents Marcin and Anna Kalinowski Szczepański had purchased farmland and moved to Bennington Center at the turn of the century.

1907 Szczepanska Maciejewski wedding

1907 Wedding of Marya Szczepańska and Antoni Maciejewski, Bennington, New York

Antoni and Marya had nine children in Buffalo, New York:

  • Zofia Ludwika (Lou Mack Raymond) (13 May 1908-18 November 1985)
  • Cecylia Anna (Malinowski) (18 November 1909-16 July 2002)
  • Franciszek Józef Maciejewski (2 April 1911-2 March 1981)
  • Bernard Jan Maciejewski (5 January 1913-14 October 1985)
  • Imelda Teresa (Lewandowski) (28 June 1915-3 December 2005)
  • Antoni Jan Maciejewski (19 November 1917-2 May 1985)
  • Eugeniusz Maciejewski (28 December 1925-3 April 1941)
  • Jan Marcin Maciejewski (26 February 1928-29 August 1995)
  • Ryta Maciejewska (5 August 1929-5 August 1929)

Antoni was only fifty three years old when he died 25 Nov 1936. He was buried at St. Stanislaus RC Cemetery in Cheektowaga, Erie, New York. His legacy lives on in the descendants of Anthony and Marie’s fifteen grandchildren.

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