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Prus Relatives?

When Maryanna Kapuścińska came to America in 1912, the ship manifest said that she was going to her brother-in-law Jozef Prus at 482 Fillmore Street in Buffalo, New York. Since she was single, he was not a relative of her husband, so he must be related to the Kapuściński/Witoń family in some way.

1911 Ellis Island Jozef Prus-a1911 Ellis Island Jozef Prus1aA search of immigration records showed that Josef Prus, a 5 feet 5 inch 40 year old Polish married farm laborer 1911 Ellis Island Jozef Prus1bwith fair skin, blue eyes, 1911 Ellis Island Jozef Prus-band a prominent jawbone came to America from Trzykosy, Russia, sailing on the S. S. Finland from Antwerp, Belgium, on May 20th, arriving in New York on May 31st, 1911.

He left behind his wife, Franciszka Prus, in Trzykosy, Radom. He had purchased his own ticket, and he had previously come to the United States, in Buffalo, New York, in 1908. He was on his way to his brother-in-law, Jan ????czyk at 482 Fillmore Ave. in Buffalo, New York. Trzykosy, listed as his birthplace, is the village next to Gnieszowice.Trzykosy Google map

1913 Ellis Island Jan Prus1913 Ellis Island Jan Prus1In 1913, his brother, Jan Prus, joined him in Buffalo. Jan sailed on the S. S. Friedrich der Grosse from Bremen, Germany, and arrived in New York on August 15th, 1913.

Jan was a 5 foot 7 inch married farm laborer with black hair and brown eyes from Niezowice, Russia. He left behind his wife, Urszula Prus, and had purchased his own ticket. He had previously been in the United States, in Buffalo, New York,1909/1912, and was going to his brother Josef Prus at 482 Fillmore St. in Buffalo, New York.

Geneteka showed the following Prus marriages in Kopzrywnica between 1898 and1906.

Prus marriages Koprzywnica

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