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1832 Florian Kapuscinski Franciszka Bokwa marriage

18. The village of Zarzece.

This happened in the city of Koprzywnica on the twentieth of February in the year one thousand eight hundred thirty two at ten o’clock before noon. We announce that, in the presence of witnesses Paweł Sulicki from Zarzece and Marcin Grądziel from Sośniczany, peasants who are of age; on this day a religious marriage was contracted between Florian Kapuściński, a widower, a son of Stanisław and Gertruda nèe Wilga, twenty eight years old, residing in the village of Zarzece with his father on a farm; and between Franciszka Bokwa, a maiden, a daughter of Michał and Katarzyna nèe Sulicka, eighteen years old, residing in Sośniczany with her parents. This marriage was preceded by three readings of the banns on the fifth, the twelfth, and the nineteenth of February in the current year in the parish of Koprzywnica, as well as oral consent of parents of both newlyweds present at the ceremony was given. No impediment to the marriage arose. The newlyweds announced that they have made no prenuptial agreement. This record was read to the declarants, it was signed by us, none of the newlyweds or witnesses is able to write. [signature]

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