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They Returned to Poland

In September 1920, Jan Skrok and Agnieszka Kapuścińska Skrok returned to Poland with their two oldest children Helena and Czesław. The United Kingdom Incoming Passenger Lists show the family arrived from the port of New York on the ship Kaiserin Auguste Victoria of the Cunard Steamship Company to Liverpool, England, on 20 September 1920. Their destination was the Free City of Danzig, currently Gdansk, Poland.

1920 Jan Skrok family to Danzig via Liverpool

The following September, Andrzej Kwiatek and Maryanna Kasprzyk Skrok Kwiatek returned to Poland with their children Julia, Aniela, Leon, and a new baby, Zofia Kwiatek. (Was Zofia Maryanna‘s daughter, or Julia‘s baby? Maryanna was born in 1871. Her first child with Wincenty Skrok, Stanisław, was born in 1889. She was older than her second husband, and had three children with him. Their son Leon was born in 1915. In 1921, Maryanna was 50 years old and Julia was 17. I imagine either situation would have been difficult for the family.) They left from the port of Montréal, Québec, Canada, on the ship Megantic of the White Star Dominion Line. They arrived in Liverpool, England, on 18 September 1921 in transit to Antwerp, Belgium.

1921 Andrzej Kwiatek family to Poland via Montreal and Liverpool -top1921 Andrzej Kwiatek family to Poland via Montreal and Liverpool -names

Update February 2022. A baby named Zofia Kasprowicz was born in Buffalo, Erie, New York, on 7 January 1921, but was this a child of John Kasprowicz and Julianna Kwiatek? No baby named Zofia Kwiatek was identified in New York or Pennsylvania records.

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  3. […] Kwiatek, born 1909, Stodoly, Radom, Russian Poland. (After the Kwiatek family returned to Poland, she married a man called Jankowski. My grandmother had a letter Aniela wrote from Będzin in 1947, […]


  4. […] to Poland about 1920, and then came back to America later that decade. Although her grandmother had lived in Buffalo for almost ten years, my mother never met her or other family members who later remained in Poland. My aunt and uncle […]


  5. […] first cousins Jan Skrok and Stanisława Skrok Kiec and their mother Marianna Kasprzyk Skrok Kwiatek returned to Poland with their families after the war, they lived in Sosnowiec. That is where several Skrok and Kiec […]


  6. […] have wondered about the circumstances in which the my great-grandmother Maryanna Kasprzyk Skrok Kwiatek and her family left Buffalo and returned to Poland in 1920. Was it the Second Polish Republic, as after World War I the country of Poland was legally […]


  7. […] family. There is evidence that Julia Kwiatek married John Kasprowicz in Pennsylvania. In 1921, the Kwiatek family returned to Poland with a new baby, […]


  8. […] 31 Aug 1914, and Jan and Agnieszka married 17 Jan 1917. The couples had children in Buffalo, moved back to Poland where they had more children, then returned to Buffalo, where they completed their […]


  9. […] Matki Bożej Wniebowziętej in Malice Kościelne. He came to the United States in 1913 and returned to Poland about 1920. He left 9 Oct 1923 on the ship Estonia from Gdansk, which was then called Danzig, and returned to […]


  10. […] his first birthday, his parents took Czesław and his older sister Helena to Poland. They arrived on 20 Sep 1920 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England on the ship Kaiserin Auguste […]


  11. […] my grandfather, his sister, his mother, and their families returned to Poland in 1920 and 1921, they lived in Sosnowiec and Dąbrowa (Górnicza) near the industrialized region […]


  12. […] her childhood home. There was even some confusion about where it was, because my grandparents had gone back to Poland and lived in a different place before returning to the United States. My second cousin Neil and I […]


  13. […] My grandparents went back to Poland in 1920, along with the Kiec and Kwiatek families. Possibly because of the devastation of their hometowns, they took up residence in Sosnowiec, in the western edge of the Kielce Voivodeship. That was where my uncle and his cousins were born, before my grandparents and the Kiec families returned to Buffalo, Erie, New York in the 1920s. My great-grandmother’s Kwiatek family remained in Będzin, Poland. American born Leo Kwiatek was found in the Arolsen Archives on a list of Bendsburg (German for Będzin) and other detainees in Selb, Bayern, Germany, from 28 May 1942–19 Jun 1942. It is not known what happened to him and other family members during and after World War II. […]


  14. […] immigrated to the United States in 1913. They married in 1915 in Buffalo, Erie, New York and returned to Poland in 1920. Two American born children–Helena and Czesław–were with my grandparents when they […]


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