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Our father was still a babe in arms when his father rented a bus and accordion player to take his and his brother-in-law’s family from Buffalo to Bennington Center in Wyoming County, New York, to celebrate his parents-in-law’s Golden Wedding anniversary.

My Aunt Imelda remembered the occasion, and was able to tell me that it happened in 1928, the year after she had made her first communion. She remembered singing songs on the bus before it got stuck in a ditch on Alleghany Road, and they walked the rest of the way. As part of the festivities, Imelda recounted a Polish poem, lines of which she still could recite in 1997.

The event was written up in the Attica News on November 15, 1928.

1928 Bennington news Szczepanski golden wedding1928 Bennington Szczepanski golden wedding

Among the guests celebrating with Martin and Anna must have been

  • their son Frank and his wife Mary from Buffalo, and their six daughters, Stefania, Agnes, Rose, Mary Frances, Annette, and Lucy.
  • their daughter Marie and her husband Anthony Maciejewski from Buffalo, and their children, Sophia (Lou), Cecylia, Frank, Bernard (Ben), Imelda (Emily), Anthony, Eugene, and John.
  • their son Bernard (Barney).
  • their daughter Martha and her husband Felix Klein, and their children Frances, Theresa, Leo, Clara, and Richard.
  • their son Leo and his wife Sophia, and their son Vincent.
  • their daughter Agnes, her husband Edward Graff, and their children Harold, Dorothy, and Mildred.

That’s three sons, three daughters, two daughters-in-law, three sons-in-law, and twenty-three grandchildren! There would be ten more grandchildren born before 1940.

I think this picture of our great-grandparents comes from about that time.

Martin and Anna_0001

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  1. […] Since umlauts are not used in Polish or Latin, it looks like these are versions of a German name, so it probably begins with SCH instead of SZ. Marcin Szczepański was fluent in both German and Polish, and his 1931 obituary said he had come from Germany. Anna’s in 1938 said she was from Poland. We know they were married in 1878, because they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1928. […]


  2. […] knew they were married in 1878, because they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1928, and the occasion was published in the Attica News on November 15, […]


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