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The final resting place for many of our relatives is  St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Roman Catholic Cemetery in Cheektowaga, just outside of Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States.

Our parents John and Estelle Skrok Maciejewski are buried there, as is our sister who was stillborn. All four of our grandparents are buried there: Antoni and Marya Szczepanski Maciejewski and Jan Skrok and Agnes Kapuscinski Skrok Kiec. Originally buried  separately, our grandmother’s second husband Adam Kiec is now interred with his first wife,  Stella Skrok Kiec. Our great grandparents, Jan Maciejewski and Veronica Lewandowski Maciejewski are also buried there, as are many aunts and uncles and cousins and other family.

This list is not complete, but if you want to pay your respects to those who came before us, please check the names and cemetery maps below.

2 May 1896 Jan Maciejewski
14 Nov 1907 Władysław Szczepański
Jun 1917 Alojzy Maciejewski
1918 Joanna Beresniewicz
Mar 1928 Józefina Skrok
18 Jul 1929 Józef Malinowski Sect A, Line 22, Grave 14 (9)
bef 1930 Stanisław Luczak
Aug 1930 Ryta Maciejewska Section I, Line 30, Grave 39
Apr 1931 Lukasz Jankowski Section AA
1931 Maryanna Derenda Malyszka
Oct 1935 Anastazya Matecka Jankowski Section AA
18 May 1936 Jan Skrok
28 Nov 1936 Antoni G. Maciejewski Section FF, Line 7, Grave 38
22 Nov 1938 Stanisława Skrok Kiec daughter Helena moved her parents’ remains together to Mausoleum
Aug 1939 Franciszek W. Szczepański Circle 3
Nov 1939 Barbara Zalewska Kiec
7 Apr 1941 Eugeniusz Maciejewski Section FF, Line 22, Grave 70
24 Nov 1942 Stefania Ryta Szczepański Ignasiak Circle 3, Line 30, Grave 6
Nov 1942 Martyna Ignasiak Circle 3, Line 30, with her mother
Dec 1943 Weronika E. Lewandowska Maciejewski Section BB, Lot 171, Grave 1
18 Mar 1947 Anna Stephania Szczepański Stanton
22 May 1947 Adam Kiec daughter Helena moved her parents’ remains together to Mausoleum
Apr 1948 Wiktorya Dorota Maciejewska Section BB, Lot 171, Grave 2
Dec 1948 Marya Gabryelewicz Szczepanski Circle 3
1948 Zofia Kalinska Beresniewicz Nowa II Plot
Jul 1950 Michał Szalkiewicz
1951 Jan Beresniewicz
10 Apr 1951 Maryanna Szczepańska Maciejewski Section FF, Line 7, Grave 38
10 Nov 1952 Telesfor Teodor Malinowski Sect II, Line 329, Grave 2
26 Nov 1957 Stanisław Józef Szczepański
13 Mar 1958 Ryta Wnęk Section K, Line 143, Grave 6
Nov 1959 Stanisław Kiec
14 Nov 1959 Salomea Zieliński Rzepka
9 May 1964 Józef Edward Wnęk Circle 3, Line 30, Grave 4
4 Sep 1968 Władysław Kiec
Sep 1968 Baby Girl Maciejewski Section W, Line 3, Grave 62
Mar 1969 Apolonia Kwasniewcki Łuczak
9 Apr 1969 Jan Rzepka
1 Oct 1970 Marya Magdalena Maciejewska Section BB, Lot 171, Grave 3
26 Apr 1971 Maryanna Witoń Solowski
17 Dec 1973 Michael Bernard Maciejewski Crucifixion, No. 1, Lot 10, Line 7, Grave 2
Feb 1975 Anna Bonaventura Maciejewska
Feb 1976 Katarzyna Gajewska Skrok
Jan 1977 John J. Feduski
23 Jul 1977 Helena Agnieszka Skrok Szalkiewicz/ Stewart
15 Oct 1977 Agnieszka Kapuścińska Skrok Kiec
1977 Antoinette Karkowski Feduski
3 Apr 1978 Bronisław Bicio
Feb 1979 Stanisław J. Kiec
Nov 1980 Stanisława Solowska Wronski
13 Oct 1981 Jan H. Szalkiewicz Stewart
6 May 1985 Antoni Jan Maciejewski St. Casimir, Lot 1312, Grave 1
17 Oct 1985 Bernard Jan Maciejewski Crucifixion No. 1, Lot 10, Line 7, Grave 4
4 Nov 1988 Wladyslaw Beresniewicz Sect. Mt Kolbe, Lot 315, Grave 4
26 Jan 1991 Agnieszka D. Szczepański Wnek Circle 3, Line 30, Grave 5
Jul 1992 Szczepan Wilhelm Kiec
28 Nov 1992 Stanisław Kiec
Dec 1992 Czesław Jan Skrok
Apr 1994 Tadeusz Wincenty Skrok
Jan 1995 Józef Mruk
1 Sep 1995 Jan Marcin Maciejewski St. Casimer, Lot 1159, Grave 4
4 Feb 1997 Łucja J. Szczepański Mruk Marian Mausoleum, Crypt #68E
26 May 1999 Władysława A. Łuczak Maciejewski Crucifixion, No. 1, Lot 10, Grave 3
26 Feb 2000 Marya Szczepański
8 Feb 2001 Helena E. Kiec Goń Mausoleum
20 Jul 2002 Cecylia Anna Maciejewski Malinowski Sect II, Line 329, Grave
26 Sep 2002 Joyce Carol Manka Darlak
24 Oct 2003 Helena Elżbieta Malczewski Maciejewski St. Casimir, Lot 1312, Grave 2
6 Dec 2005 Imelda Teresa Maciejewski Lewandowski Sect II, Line 329, Grave
20 Apr 2006 Stanisława Zuzanna Skrok Maciejewski St. Casimir, Lot 1159, Grave 3
24 Apr 2006 Józef A. Goń Mausoleum
8 Nov 2008 Józefa M. Solowska Bicio
6 Feb 2016 Adele A. Winiarczyk Kiec
unknown Arthur J. Feduski

The “old” cemetery was east of Pine Ridge Road, while the new sections of the cemetery and the cemetery office are west of Pine Ridge Road.

St. Stan Cemetery - new

“New”  St. Stanislaus RC Cemetery, Cheektowaga, New York

St. Stan Buffalo Cemetery - old area_0002

“Old”  St. Stanislaus RC Cemetery, Cheektowaga, New York

Gravefinder at St. Stans

The wonderful Barbara Noreck Ruppert catalogued graves at St. Stanislaus Cemetery on as gravefinderStStans. She has set up her own website. You can purchase her pictures of the graves on her site at

Comments on: "St. Stanislaus RC Cemetery, Cheektowaga, New York" (7)

  1. […] St. Stanislaus Cemetery, in Cheektowaga, right outside the city limits of Buffalo, is the place where many of our relatives were buried. Some of the old tombstones were laid flat to stop vandalism. I never found Jan Maciejewski’s stone, but our Aunt Imelda remembers her father personally carrying it from the mason’s to the cemetery to mark his grave. The old cemetery records were bare bones, but the more recent ones had information provided by funeral homes. Two of our great-grandparents and all four of our grandparents are buried there, as are our parents. […]


  2. Alan Mruk said:

    Hello, I am very interested in the Mruk’s listed in your St Stanislaus listing. Łucja J. Szczepański was married to my fathers first cousin Leonard Mruk who passed in 2016. Joseph Mruk was a past Buffalo Mayor who I am not able to tie to our Mruk family, would you be able to help cite his connection to the Leonard Mruk who married Łucja J. Szczepański?
    Joseph was buried in Sect Circle 3, Lot 31, Grave 6 in case you wanted to update your records. There are no less than 75 Mruk’s buried in St Stanislaus including my great grandparents.


    • Although Mruk is not a common name, there were multiple Mruk immigrant families that came to Buffalo from different parts of Poland. After diligent research, it does not appear that the mayor of Buffalo was related to Leonard Mruk’s family. Thanks for asking, though!


      • Alan Mruk said:

        Hi There, I remember talking to Leonard Mruk a few times in the past. My father, William(Bill) Mruk was his first cousin. So I would love to know who you father is? I’ve tried to bridge the mayors family to ours but there seems to be no relation. Our Mruk’s are from the Mosczcenica, Gorlice area of Poland, I’ve been able to trace them there back to the mid 1700’s. The Mayors Father, Wawrzyn was born in Posen. I’ve not been able to find a Wawrzyn Mruk in our family from our 5X great grandfather forward.

        I wonder if you could help identify if and where the Maciejewski’s and Mruk’s connect?
        You see, I have a distant cousin in New Jersey who feels the connection is somewhere down the Maciejewski line and we have not been able to identify our common ancestor.

        Alan Mruk


      • Alan, Although I think you are right about different Mruk families from Małopolska (Lesser Poland) and Posen, I think our only alliance is through marriages. Your dad’s cousin Leonard married my dad’s cousin Łucja.

        Łucja was the daughter of Franciszek Szczepański. Franciszek’s sister Marya was the wife of Antoni Maciejewski. Antoni was born in 1883 in Zgniłobłoty, a small village in West Prussia. Marya and Antoni were my grandparents.

        According to Wikipedia, “Moszczenica is a village in Gorlice County, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in southern Poland. It lies approximately 9 kilometres north-west of Gorlice and 93 km south-east of the regional capital Kraków.” At one time, I thought the Tylice village near there may have been the area where my ancestors originated, but that was incorrect. I found the actual records for my family in Zgniłobłoty, Tylice, and Nieżywięć, in Brodnica County, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, in north-central Poland.

        Maciejewski is a relatively common name, so I wrote a blog post about my step-by-step process of “Finding my Maciejewski Family’s Ancestral Origins.” I hope it helps. Good luck with your search!


  3. […] Sadly, St. Stanislaus Church also had records of their deaths and burial at St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Cheektowaga, New York. […]


  4. […] to see the doll-sized baby in her little coffin, and I accompanied my father on the funeral trip to St. Stanislaus Cemetery, where she was buried. It was a solemn occasion, and it had a lasting impact on my […]


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