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Wincenty Kapuściński ‘s marriage recorded in 1887 said he was “a bachelor, a farmer, twenty five years old, son of the late Kazimierz and Regina nèe Zybała.” But I had been under the impression that his mother’s name was Witoń, from an earlier index entry. It raised more questions.

I tried to follow the document trail, and in Koprzywnica, there was a 1852 marriage (entry 16) for Regina Zybała, the daughter of Kacper and Jadwiga Zybała, to Szymon Tomczyk, the son of Bernard and Agnieszka Tomczyk:

1852 Tomczyk - Zybala marriage

and a 1853 marriage (entry 32) for Regina Tomczyk, the widow of Szymon Tomczyk, to Walenty Witoń, the son of Tomasz and Regina Witoń:

1853 Witon - Tomczyk marriage

before the 1857 marriage (entry 10) of Regina Witoń, the widow of Walenty Witoń, to Kazimierz Kapuściński, the son of Florian and Franciszka Kapuściński:

1857 Kazimierz Kapuscinski Regina Witon marriage

Geneteka indexed their birth records in Koprzywnica:

B 1827 297 Szymon Tomczyk
B 1830 20 Walenty Witoń
B 1833 45 Regina Zybała
B 1837 34 Kazimierz Kapuściński


I did not find a record of Szymon Tomczyk‘s death, or of any children from Szymon and Regina‘s 1852 marriage.

After their marriage in 1853, Walenty and Regina had a daughter, Franciszka Witoń, born in 1856, entry 30 in the Koprzywnica register. Unfortunately, there is a death record for Walenty Witoń later that same year at entry 82 in Koprzywnica.

In 1857, 24 year old Regina married a younger man, 19 year old Kazimierz Kapuściński. The couple had the following children in Koprzywnica, several of whom did not survive their first year:

B 1858 27 Julianna Kapuścińska Kazimierz Regina Zybała
B 1860 125 Ludwika Kapuścińska Kazimierz Regina Zybała
D 1860 92 Ludwika Kapuścińska
B 1861 143 Wincenty Kapuściński Kazimierz Regina Zybała
B 1865 48 Franciszek Kapusciński Kazimierz Regina Zybała
D 1865 37 Franciszek Kapuściński
B 1866 100 Julianna Kapuścińska Kazimierz Regina Zybała
B 1869 93 Jan Kapuściński Kazimierz Regina Zybała
D 1869 128 Jan Kapuściński
B 1871 207 Andrzej Kapuściński Kazimierz Regina Zybała
B 1872 183 Marcin Kapuściński undetermined undetermined


Kazimierz Kapuściński died in Koprzywnica in 1881 (entry 36) at about age 44.

1881 Kaszimierz Kapuscinski death


Three times a widow, Regina Zybała Tomczyk Witoń Kapuścińska died in Koprzywnica in 1888 (entry 8) at about age 55.

1888 Regina Kapuscinska death

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  1. […] was Agnieszka’s maternal grandmother Regina Zybała‘s second husband. Unfortunately, Regina Zybała Tomczyk Witoń Kapuścińska was Three Times a Widow. Her third husband, Kazimierz Kapuściński, was our great-great-grandfather. See the 1857 Marriage […]


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