Discovering our Ancestors' Travels and Travails

In 1923, Jan Skrok returned to the United States and declared his intention to become a citizen.1923 John Skrok declarationJohn Skrok, Declaration of Intention, Buffalo, New York, 1923

His arrival was certified in 1930.

1930 John Skrok certif arrival

Jan Skrok, Certificate of Arrival, New York, New York, 1923 (stamped 1930)

In 1930 he petitioned for citizenship.1930 John Skrok naturalization petition

1930 John Skrok affidavit

Affidavits of Witnesses and Oath of Allegiance for John Skrok, Buffalo, New York, 1930

He became a citizen of the United States 6 Jun 1930.

1930 John Skrok naturalization certificate

John Skrok, Certificate of Citizenship, Buffalo, New York, 1930

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  1. […] he joined his wife’s cousin’s husband Jozef Szulowski in Buffalo, New York.  Jan declared his intention to become a United States citizen (filed first papers for Naturalization) on March 23, […]


  2. […] were “anchor babies” who were born in the United States and allowed my grandmother to travel back to America with an United States passport that included Polish-born Uncle Ted. My grandparents subsequently […]


  3. […] Skroks were born had been heavily damaged in the World War. When Jan Rzepka‘s first cousins Jan Skrok and Stanisława Skrok Kiec and their mother Marianna Kasprzyk Skrok Kwiatek returned to Poland with […]


  4. […] impulsivity to leave the land of one’s birth and travel to another country. Our grandfather Jan Skrok did it in 1913. He was followed by his sister Stanisława Skrok and their mother Maryanna Kasprzyk […]


  5. […] his family, my grandfather Jan Skrok came to the United States first. He sailed from Antwerp, Belgium, on the S.S. Finland on 15 March […]


  6. […] immigrated to Buffalo, New York. Maryanna Kapuścińska married Grzegorz Mastykarz in 1915. Agnieszka Kapuścińska married Jan Skrok in […]


  7. […] grandfather Jan Skrok returned to the United States 2 Feb 1923. My Uncle Ted—Tadeusz Wincenty Skrok–was born in Sosnowiec, Kieleckie, Polska on 11 […]


  8. […] treatments were limited, the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital was reportedly good. Many people, like my grandfather, recovered in the hospital and then were admitted to the United States. But Ellis Island was “Isle of Hope, Isle of […]


  9. […] never knew my mother’s father Jan Skrok. He died in Buffalo, Erie, New York, on 15 May 1936, decades before I was born, soon after my […]


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