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Stanisława Skrok was born on 23 Sep 1894 in Kaliszany, Wojciechowice, Poland (Russia). She was baptized at Kościół św. Wojciecha Biskupa i Męczennika in what is now Wojciechowice, Opatów, Świętokrzyskie, Poland.

Stanisława was a seamstress and housewife. She was also known as Stella Kiec.

Stanisława Skrok and Adam Kiec were married 31 Aug 1914 in Buffalo, Erie, New York. Zezwolenia na sluby (wedding permits) in the Polish newspaper Dziennik dla Wszystkich [Everybody’s Daily], Buffalo, New York, listed “Adam Kiec, No. 36 Gibson ul., Stanisława Skrok, z pod tego sa mego adresu” on 28 August 1914, page 5.

1914 Kiec Skrok Dziennik

Their marriage license was reported in the Buffalo Courier, Buffalo, New York, on 28 August 1914.

1914 Kiec Skrok Buffalo Courier

They lived at 36 Gibson Street in Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States. They lived at 60 Townsend Street in Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States. They lived at 20 Fleming Street in Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States.

Adam Kiec, son of Wojciech Kiec and Maryanna Gierczak, was born on 29 Nov 1892 in Dobrocice, Poland. He was baptized at Malice Kościelne near Sandomierz.

He first emigrated in 1913, and returned to Poland, likely with his wife and children, in 1920. He emigrated again to Buffalo on 9 Oct 1923 from Gdansk, Poland, then the Free City of Danzig, on the ship Estonia.

Adam filed first papers in 1924 and was naturalized in 1937. He was a factory worker. He lived at 928 Clinton Street and 209 Stanton Street in Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States.

Adam married his deceased wife’s brother’s widow Agnieszka Kapuścińska Skrok in 1943. (The siblings Jan and Stanisława had died in 1936 and 1938, and their spouses then married each other, making the cousins step-brothers and step-sisters.)

Adam died on 18 May 1947 at the age of 54 in Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States. He was buried on 22 May 1947 at St. Stanislaus RC Cemetery in Cheektowaga, Erie, New York, United States.

Although Stanisława and Adam were originally buried separately, their daughter Helen Goń had their remains put side-by-side in the mausoleum at the cemetery.

Adam Kiec and Stanisława Skrok had the following children:

  • Jan Kiec, born 22 Jun 1915, Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States; married Pelagia A. Rzepka, 28 Sep 1940, Buffalo, New York, United States; died 10 Jul 1960, Eden, Erie, New York, United States.
  • Helena E. Kiec, born 27 Oct 1916, Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States; married Józef A. Goń, 9 Jul 1935; died 5 Feb 2001.
  • Stanisław Kiec, born 3 Sep 1918, Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States; married Adele A. Winiarczyk, 17 Jul 1944, Gulfport, Harrison, Mississippi, United States; died 25 Nov 1992.
  • Wacław Kiec, born 12 Aug 1920, Sosnowiec, Poland; married Florence M. Gierlach; died 31 Aug 1968.
  • Stefania Kiec, born 17 Feb 1923, Sosnowiec, Poland; married Mitchell M. Coral; died 9 Jun 1995, Lakeland, Polk, Florida, United States.
  • Eugeniusz Józef Kiec, born 17 Mar 1931, Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States; married Phyllis Maccarone, Sep 1953; married Kay Sylor; died 28 Apr 2004, East Amherst, Erie, New York, United States.

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