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Eighteenth Century Ancestors

I never thought I would ever be able to find our ancestors born in the 18th century, but here is an ancestor chart for our grandmother Agnieszka Kapuścińska that shows the Kapuściński and Witoń families going back to the late 1700s.

agnieszka kapuscinski ancestors

I was very happy to find the record for her parents’ marriage and obtaining the translation for the 1887 Marriage of Wincenty Kapuściński & Maryanna Witoń of Gnieszowice, a village near Koprzywnica.

Both of Agnieszka’s grandmothers married sons of Tomasz Witoń and Regina Sadowa. The older brother Walenty Witoń was Agnieszka’s maternal grandmother Regina Zybała‘s second husband. Unfortunately, Regina Zybała Tomczyk Witoń Kapuścińska was Three Times a Widow. Her third husband, Kazimierz Kapuściński, was our great-great-grandfather. See the 1857 Marriage of Kazimierz Kapuściński & Regina Witoń (née Zybała). The younger brother Kacper Witoń married Agnieszka’s maternal grandmother, Teresa Kaczmarz. See Teresa Kaczmarz (1833-1867).

The 1832 Marriage of Florian Kapuściński & Franciszka Bokwa identified the grandparents of Kazimierz Kapuściński from Zarzece and Sośniczany, villages near Koprzywnica.

The 1820 Marriage of Tomasz Witoń and Regina Sadowa identified the grandparents of Kacper Witoń. Although both Tomasz and Regina resided in “the village of Zarzece Wiejskie in the parish of Koprzywnica in the county of Staszów in the Province of Sandomierz” when they married, Tomasz Witoń was baptized in the parish of Miechocin and born in the village of Chmielów in Austrian Galicia in the Rzeszów province while Regina Sadowa and her parents formerly resided in the village of Zarzece Błonie małe.

Updated May 2019 with link to Teresa Kaczmarz and her parents.

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