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Kajdasz Family Arrived in New York on May 2, 1888

Marya Kajdasz, the future wife of Konstanty Maciejewski/August Warner, was just one month old when she made the overseas journey with her parents Andrzej and Jadwiga Kajdasz and her brothers Marcin and Ludwik on the S.S. Elbe from Bremen and Southampton to New York, with a final destination of Buffalo, Erie, New York.

Castle Garden had a record of the family’s landing in New York on 2 May 1888.

1888 Kaidas NY

Castle Garden search results for Kaidas (Kajdasz) Family

Marie Kaidas Castle Garden

Marie Kaidas (Marya Kaydasz), Castle Garden, 1888

The Kaidas (Kajdasz) family were on the ship’s passenger list.

1888 ship manifest Kaidas marked

1888, ship passenger list, S.S. Elbe from Bremen and Southampton to New York, New York

1888 ship manifest Kaidas cropped

Kaidas (Kajdasz) Family on S.S. Elba ship’s passenger list, 1888

Although the Kajdasz family were Polish, they came from Prussia, the part of Poland that was occupied by Germany at that time. They were likely to have spoken both Polish and some German. Because they left from Germany, their names were listed in German in the ship’s manifest. Andrzej was Andreas, Jadwiga was Hedwig, Marcin was Martin, Ludwik was Ludwig, and Marya was Marie.


SS Elbe (1881), postcard

The manifest said the family had come from Schroda, which was a kreis (district) of the Prussian province of Posen in the 19th Century.


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